Dear All,

Just a little note to thank you all for your friendly help and assistance during our recent international food standards conference held in Queenstown.

As you are aware we had arranged with our preferred photocopier supplier to deliver two heavy duty photocopiers at our venue. They were due to be delivered on Thursday 31 January but only arrived on Monday 4 February at 5pm. By Saturday we had been using the facilities and services of the Millennium, Copthorne and Kingsgate hotels but needed more help. Erika Nilsson, from Copthorne suggested we contact The Duplicator as they are well known for their good service and she wasn’t wrong. I wasn’t aware that your offices are closed on Saturdays but you still went out of your way and arranged for Rachel Nicol to open the shop and do all our photocopying. When asked how many copies am I talking about I told you “a few hundred” copies but I think at the end it was closer to 24 000 copies. Rachel spent about 5 hours on her day off doing this photocopying and another hour early Monday morning. I was also told that you were trying to arrange for a loan photocopier at our venue.

This is excellent customer service and we want to thank Rachel and her colleagues for all the help, assistance and patience during this conference. Without your services it would have been disastrous.

Kind Regards
NZ Secretariat
Codex Committee for Milk and Milk Products (New Zealand Food Safety Authority)

Codex Committee for Milk and Milk Products (New Zealand Food Safety Authority)

With great new Canon printers, I have found the standards and quality of Duplicator printing impeccible. They go the extra mile to make sure mine and my clients’ work is up to spec.

Suze Higgins

Ellamac Design Solutions Limited

Over the last four years I’ve found The Duplicator to be a fast, efficient print service provider and have used them for numerous projects from b&w copies to large scale signage.

Jack Williams

Phorm Design Limited